The Ultimate Bad Hair Day

We had a beautiful long weekend in Lorne, fresh air, the beach and happy children always makes you feel great.

I’m tired but happy to be away for the weekend, distractions are always good for me and takes me back to the normal life I once had.

Sienna’s little friend is staying with us and I listen to them laugh at each other’s jokes and giggle about leaving bread out for the Cockies. It’s such a feeling of comfort when you know your child is happy and hear their laughing, I savour this moment.

Anyway, this morning was very fresh to say the least, the Braveman had joked with the girls that it gets so cold in the morning at Lorne that they’d need nose warmers and they thought this was the funniest thing ever.

Meanwhile I greet myself in the bathroom, still in my dressing gown and wonder why I have two very hairy shoulder pads stuck to my shoulders, then I realise……. no I hadn’t bought a new pair of funky Sass & Bide shoulder pads, this was the bad hair day I wasn’t ever looking forward to. This was my hair and it’s falling out like snow!

I try and be brave and think to myself “It’s only hair”, but it’s not just hair, it’s my hair and it’s part of me being me. I call out to the Braveman and in he comes to see my hairy shoulder pads and a bunch hanging off my lip, not the most attractive look.
As my tears well up I look at him and say “I thought I’d get used to it by now”. Like he does all so often, he looks at me with his compassionate eyes and says, “no one should get used to their hair falling out.” I just love him even more.

When it’s time to fall out, there’s no real stopping it, it falls out everywhere. I was tempted to dry it off with the hair dryer but was worried I’d blow it off all over the wall on the other side of the room. I’m not sure the Braveman’s mum (who’s known as Granny the Bravewoman), would appreciate a hairy wall in her holiday house.

So I wait for it to dry and hope like hell there’s not some big gust of wind that will blow it off like those ‘fairy wishing flowers’ Sienna blows to make a wish.

I put the call into one of my Troops and she’s on ‘high alert’ with the clippers, ready to whip and snip.

That night I’m given a number one, my poor little Troop was a bit nervous so I had to ply her with vino and she did a great job.

My fairy comes home to see the result and loves the spikey feel.

I told her that I was playing Rapunzel and I thought I heard the prince call out from the bottom of the castle, “Shave off your hair”, and once I got my hearing checked I realised he said, “throw down your hair.” She roared with laughter.

The next day after school, Sienna brings home a new drawing.

NB: If I was a 6 foot gorgeous African supermodel, of course being bald would look amazing on me, but I’m not. I’m a short dumpy bald mum from the Burb’s, so please don’t tell me that being bald suits me.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bad Hair Day”

  1. Rach you are incredible!
    And one hell of brave lady, with a wicked sense of humour.
    I love your blog and love hearing of updates on your recovery.
    Love mich x

  2. Rach babe you are going to have to hold my hand through this and I'll be there for you too. I've got ideas that I'll be ok shaving mine off but somehow I also don't think I'm that sexy hot african model either !! But I've coped with my short hair cut so far. You really are amazing! We can fight this stupid thing together!! We are both swimmers not sinkers!
    Ilana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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