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Staying in the moment is something, I try to do. As time heals and acceptance makes things easier, I see this time in my life as a privilidge to do things that the fast pace of life sometimes doesn’t allow you.

So I set myself some lovely little projects;


When my American friend Rachel said to me one day, “I’m going home to Blog”, my first thought was, “Oh, you poor thing, you must have an upset stomach.” And for days I wondered if Blog was an American term for some sort of bowl ailment. So I went on Google and ‘Blog 7’ came up, a Polish Pop Group, mmmm so Rachel’s going home to ‘do’ a Polish Pop Group…..surely not! So I kept googling….and there it was Blogging is an online Journal. “How great.” I thought

I wanted to write something for family and friends to tell them how I’m going and give them an update on the latest progress report. I love a laugh, so I have enjoyed adding the humour into it which is my coping mechanism not only for me but others around me.

For me the world of Blogging was another world. But I wanted to learn more, I liked this girl Rachel Devine, not just because we shared the same first name, or passion for everything quirky, or our husbands seemed to have the same love affairs for computers and cycling (ie nerdy but gorgeous) and not because our girls love each other to bits.  But because, in Rachel’s life of controlled  mayhem with running a household of  busy twins,  a seven year old who calls my fairy her BFF, and fluffy cat called Koo Koo, Cuckoo or Ki Ki, I always forget, or maybe she has triplet cats? But the one thing that struck me in the ‘calming whirlwind’ of Rachel’s world, was that she was still able to share her lovely words and mesmerising photos through her blog. I was also thrilled that she didn’t have a “bowel ailment”!

I was inspired by this talented chick who had the ‘fast walk’, that I decided to start writing.

I started writing the day I was diagnosed for the third time. It has been healing  and great therapy for me.  I have enjoyed adding the humour into it which is my coping mechanism  not only for me but  others around me.

It helps me stay in the moment and appreciate all that I have around me.

Maybe one day, my fairy will read this and know how much her mum tried.


My fairy often asks me to tell her stories about ‘when I was little’. So I decided to write her a story book about me growing up.

Researching dates and old photos and talking to family and friends has been a great way to remember back to when I

was little and the fun times we had growing up. So I decided to write a story book for my fairy, calling it,

‘Growing Up Mummy’.


Lately Sienna’s been asking about, “how do you know you’re in love?” and “How did you meet Daddy?” So another story book I’m working on is, ‘When Mummy met Daddy.’ I’m including all the adventures we went on together, when we feel in love to when we were married. All the ingredients to a ‘happily ever after’ story that a little girl will love.



So spending a lot of time resting and recouperating, I have been able to enjoy looking back on my life and reminise about the good times and the people who have played such an important role in my life. When you’re unwell and weary it’s hard to let these people know what they mean to you. So I decided to write letters. I might only write a paragraph once in a while, it’s a bit of a slow process but at least I can find the right words that sometimes are hard to find when things are rushed. Who knows when I’ll give it to them, but I feel happy I am able to put my thoughts and love for them onto paper.


I don’t know what it is, but in my case, maybe chemo has killed off part of my right brain. It seems that most things that I’m still capable of is creative,  my left brain seems to be working over time. Aside from my writing and storytelling, I’m also discovering how much I love drawing. My braveman bought me an easel and canvas for Christmas, and my little project is to be inspired by our farmhouse and create something sweet for my fairy.





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  1. I am so honored that I could have led you to sharing your story online. I will miss our play-dates after tennis and sushi girl-nights. You made me feel so welcome when I was painfully out of place. You loved my daughter like your own. Thank you for your friendship. Rest in peace.

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