The Chemo Cloud

A few days have passed since my first chemo and admittedly I feel like a piece of road kill. There’s no other way to describe how it makes me feel, but I take comfort in the thought that it’s making me better.

My lovely friend offers to take photos of my little family, she’s so magic with the lens and with a click she captures the love we have for each other. These will always be treasured. One of my favourites is my blog photo.

I spend my days in bed and look forward to my little fairy coming home from school so I can ask her what she did during the day, she’ll give me the biggest cuddle and answer with, “I can’t remember, can I have something to eat?”

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little blue, I sneak into her bed while she’s at school and snuggle in. I think about how she is also very brave and I’m proud of the compassionate and caring little girl she is becoming.
Leaving little notes on my pillow at night, coming home with drawings of mum each day and loving me no matter what I look like on the outside.

I know as a family we’ll pull through all this craziness and we’ll be dynamite. If you thought the Partidge Family were cool, wait to the West’s are back!
And who knows maybe Sienna just might be the one who cures cancer?

As I feel the chemo cloud lifting and no longer feel quite like I’ve been given 3 hours of non stop wizzy dizzies, the sky gets bluer and the sun brighter and I know I’ve nearly turned the corner.

Each day I check my pillowcase for strands of hair that might have fallen out overnight, but nothing, and I secretly hope I will be one of the lucky ones and it won’t fall out.

One of my Besty Troops is having her 40th on the weekend so I’m hoping so much that I can make it. It’s a 70’s party so I went online and bought the Braveman and I the biggest afros in the universe.
Who knows, maybe it will be my new look, although Sienna did instruct me not to wear it when I pick her up from school. I don’t understand why?

It’s about 10 days since chemo and I’m watching the Braveman doing all the washing and folding the towels. I hear myself getting grumpy with him because he hasn’t folded the towels in towel size order and the corners aren’t perfectly matched. In my grumpiness and his annoyance for me being grumpy, we know it’s a good thing because it’s a sign I’m feeling better and I’ve turned the corner! I love him so much!

I’m able to get to my Besty Troop’s 40th, albeit for 2 hours, and able to go wild with a tap of my foot on the dance floor. The Braveman was watching intently from far away with his code blue paddles hidden under his fro. It was great to celebrate with my dear friend and share her happiness.

We are happy!

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