A lovely life interrupted

My friend Sonia

One person I shared a lot of my deepest fears and thoughts with was, my lovely friend Sonia. I had met her some years back through a Troop friend of mine. I remember when I first met her thinking how funny and bright she was. And she shared the same passion as me for writing and laughing at funny stuff. Sonia’s enthusiasm for life and inquisitive nature, made her interesting and someone you wanted to be around.

Last year at 35, she was diagnosed with cancer. Totally out of the blue. She was at a really happy point in her life. Not long had she been married to her gorgeous husband and another Brave Man. They were in the process of trying to have a family, planning renovations for their house and sharing an exciting time with her sister Tania, as they planned her own wedding.

It started off, that I would go visit her, share the things I did to get myself through treatment and the scary bits. But it was her that would end up inspiring me, her courage and energy never waivered she would do anything to grow old with her beloved Brave Man.

Over the 12 months that she went through treatment we shared a lot, mostly late at night when the day was done. We would send each other messages as we sat in our beds reflecting on the day and what has happened to us both. Some messages funny and some sad, but we understood what we were both going through and that was comforting.

L’angelo dorme…..The Angel Sleeps


The last message I got from her was on Tuesday night January 3rd,

“I’m feeling terrible. So much so I’m off to Cabrini Malvern for a few nights,

another chest infection they think. Great! So I’m all ready for the trial on Tuesday. I don’t like crying either, makes it even harder to breathe. But sometimes you just can’t help it! I haven’t cried for a couple of days now. But I know once I start I may just never stop. Speak to you tmrw. Lots of love xxxx “
Sonia passed away four days later on January 7th 2012.

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  1. You are a beautiful person Rachel, with always such kind words not only written but also spoken. Sonia would love this, thank you. X

  2. Dear Rachel,
    I have searched in vain for an email address to send a message to you and here I find myself.
    It is 5pm before the opening night of the Pink Lady Art Exhibition and in the calm before, I wanted a moment to contemplate what it means and why we do all we do to raise funds for BCNA and NBCF.
    I have thought of you a lot in these past few months and know that you are surrounded by love and people who are there to nurture and comfort you and your family. I want to say that I have wanted to contact you and offer my support. That you MATTER to people you may not even be aware that CARE. I realised that my assistance although kindly meant, would perhaps be an intrusion and would be of more use to support those who support you. I have therefore taken Lisa’s wellbeing to be a focus of my efforts. In her support of you, I have felt in some way connected to you by being there for her. I can be that place where she can give voice to her fears, her sadness and I will cry with her and give her some joy when she can’t muster it herself. I wanted you to know that this is my way of being there for you.
    Tonight and all weekend, you will be in my thoughts. We will make money (hopefully lots) to fight for our daughter’s futures.
    Lots of love,

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