Telling Sienna

Just when I promised that I would grow ‘Princess Hair’ for her, I have to break the news that she’ll have to wait a little longer.

You just want to protect your child from everything bad in the world, but sometimes it’s impossible.

We’ve told her as much as she needs to know, reassurance is always the key.

Me: “So mummy has to have treatment again and her hair will fall out”

Sienna: “Ohhhh, “


Sienna: “What’s cancer”

Me: “It’s like a bug in your body, that makes you sick”

Sienna: “Is it the same bug the Tiffy swallowed when she did the half marathon”?

Me: “Um, no not that kind of bug”

Sienna: “Is it like the Lady Who Swallowed the Fly?”

Me: “Not that kind of bug either”

Sienna: “Why does your hair have to fall out?”

Me: “It’s just what this medicine does, but it will make mummy better”

Sienna: “Can I watch TV?”

Me thinking to myself…..

“I love normality”

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